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Balloon Modelling

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Balloon modelling is great fun for kids and adults, you can make anything you want, the only limitation is your imagination! Whether you want to make a balloon sword, hat, dog or anything else we can help! If you're a professional balloon sculptor or just want a supply for a kids party we've got everything you could need.

Our balloons are from Qualatex and Proloon, two of the most prestigious balloon manufacturers in the world and widely looked upon as the industry standard! We have a huge range of different sizes of balloons, by far the most popular is the 160 or 260 options, the first number refers to the width in inches and the second two numbers to the length. If you've never tried balloon modelling before or if you just want to hone your skills we also stock a range of books teaching you how to make everything from a basic sword right up to more complicated multi-balloon sculptures. If you're new to baloon modelling then you'll need to get yourself a balloon pump as these can't be blown up like conventional balloons. Don't worry though we stock balloon pumps from inexpensive options ideal for irregular use or parties right up to high performance double pumps which will inflate a balloon quicker than you can say "make me a pirate sword!".