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Bar Flair

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Bar flair also known as flairtending and extreme bartending is practiced by bar tenders all over the world but perfected by very few! The art of manipulating everything from bottles and cocktail shakers to glasses it can look amazing when performed either as an art or as impromptu tricks at a bar! The obvious problem with performing bar flair "for real" is that if you haven't got it perfected you'll end up with a lot of spilled drinks and even worse some smashed glasses!

This is where our range of barflair products are ideal! We stock a great rage of flair tending products predominantly from Flairco, these bar flair bottles are available in 750ml and 1 litre variations and imitate everything from famous vodka and rum bottles to classic bottle shapes. The bottles are designed to be the same weight and size as an unfilled glass bottle (you can fill them to imitate the pouring of a real bottle too) and are completely shatterproof! We also stock 16oz and 28oz shaker tins so that you can perfect a solid cocktail making routine without the risk of smashing anything in the process! If you're new to bar flair we offer a range of DVDs to teach you everything you need to know in an easy to learn medium. If you get really good there's also bar flair competitions around the world, the first (and still running) was the Quest for the Best Bartender in 1988 but arguably the most prestigious now is the Flair Bartenders Shakedown!