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Devil Sticks

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devil sticks

The devil stick is a traditional juggling prop that’s always been popular and remains great fun to this day!

The basics involve knocking the devil stick between two handsticks. This tapping motion can then be developed into spins, turns and some other real crowd pleasing tricks! We stock a huge range of devil sticks here in the UK from manufacturers including Beard, Henrys and Juggle Dream. Our devils sticks are available in a great range of colours and materials – our fluorescent sticks are a particularly versatile choice for those who want to deliver a stand-out performance, while our glitter devil sticks will certainly add a touch of glamour to your routine.

If you’re looking to buy your first ever devil stick, we also stock flowersticks. These can be a little easier to work with at first, as the weighted ends provide a slow spin that will help you hone your technique. Alternatively if you're looking to add some more wow to your performance we also stock a great range of fire devil sticks and fire flowersticks – however, for obvious reasons, we don't recommend these for beginners!