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Diabolo String

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Diabolo string is an essential for every serious diobolist. Available in a range of different colours and reel length from a range of different manufacturers choosing the right string for you can sometimes feel like a challenge! Don't worry we're here to help, Diablo string is usually manufactured using hard wearing nylon, this helps the string to be thin enough for the diabolo to rotate quickly but strong enough to last. Never the less the friction from the diabolo spinning does cause diabolos string to wear out.

Diabolo string can vary a lot. More affordable string such as Juggle Dream or Slide Pro is ideal for beginners and those looking to perform basic diabolo tricks but for more advanced diablo tricks you'll feel the benefit of moving up to Henry's or Sundia string. Most of our diabolo string is brightly coloured and will glow under a UV light, the bright colour also makes it easy to keep track of the string whilst performing. For the more advanced diabolist we stock all colours of Henry's and other professional string. Some feel that different colours of high performance diabolo string offer different benefits to the diabolist. We're always happy to provide help and advice with this although it should be noted we don't find that there's generally too much difference. We've got string in 10m, 25m and 100m reels so that you can always get back to diaboloing quickly if your string snaps. We also stock kevlar fire diabolo string.