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Fire Poi

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Fire poi are perfect if you've mastered the basics of poi spinning and are looking to add a little extra something to your performance. Our Jac Products fire poi are manufactured entirely in the UK using the highest quality components available and you can always be sure that you're purchasing a safe and reliable prop. We only ever use wielded chain or metals that will rust to make sure our products reach optimal safety standards. Our Jac Products wick is delivered to us with a certificate of conformity; it uses no copper or aluminium and has been developed by one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of high performance industrial textiles. Our super smooth swivels that we use in all of our poi are UK manufactured too (no cheap chinese swivels or components here!), this means that you can be assure they won't rust over time and more importantly won't snap mid performance!

Our range of fire poi has something for everyone! We've got our classic fire poi range for a more affordable way to spin, these are available in 55mm and 100mm variants. Our classic range is also what we recommend if you're new to poi spinning (specifically the 55mm) as the flames are a little smaller and more manageable but impressive none the less! If you're looking for something really special we also stock our deluxe range of fire poi with 65mm wick. Our deluxe poi use a specialist wick fitment method that means there is barely any exposed metal centre to the poi head, this creates a bigger flame and a sleeker looking set of fire poi. Our deluxe range of poi are available in single, double and triple fire poi variants and for those looking for an extremely large flame we also offer the triple made up of 2 65mm heads and one 100mm head. If you've already mastered fire poi and are looking for the next thing to add to your collection don't forget about our fire snakes! Our fire snakes use the same high quality wick as our other poi but woven into fire rope and platted to make a set of poi like no other! Don't forget we can manufacture any fire poi to your specific requirements all in our UK workshop, as an example we recently manufactured a set of our fire snakes that were just under 3 feet long each, these were for a performer who uses stilts in his act and wanted to take advantage of that extra height and ground clearance – needless to say they looked amazing when lit!