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Fire Torches

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Want to take the next step in club juggling? Set them on fire! Fire torches- often called fire juggling clubs are evenly weighted and are great to juggle without igniting them but if you’re something extra special to your routine look no further! It should be pointed out that we don ‘t recommend fire juggling for inexperienced clubs jugglers, you should be very confident in your juggling before trying it with fire.

We stock the Beard Pro Street fire torches which are manufactured entirely in the UK to a high standard and are fantastic value if you’re on a budget. At the other end of the spectrum we stock Henry’s Night Flight torches; these have widely been considered the best fire juggling torches in the world for many years. Their innovative design means that they’re a pleasure to juggle.

We also stock swinging torches- these aren’t designed to be used in quite the same way as more conventional fire torches as their more simple design means they’re not ideal to juggle. Their rounded knob ends however means that they open up a whole new style of play.

All fire products can be dangerous. We recommend that our fire torches are only used by those over 18 years old.