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Juggling Clubs

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Perfected the art of ball juggling? Conquered rings? Just want something different or with more stage presence? Check out our range of juggling clubs! We've got everything from inexpensive simple one piece clubs that are ideal for workshops up to high end LED clubs to really wow the crowd. You can find juggling clubs in all shapes and sizes here. From the Henry's Pirouette and Volley clubs that are designed for use in Volley club (similar to volley ball but infinitely funner with clubs!) and have a nice wide chunky shape to the thinner Radical Fish clubs with a protruding centre designed for outside use to combat wind, we've got everything! Our range of clubs includes offerings from Beard, Henry's, Play, Mr Babache and Kosmos.

We do stock childrens juggling clubs however we recommend using adult sized clubs as the extra weight can create a slower spin, it can also mean that it's difficult for kids to progress to adult juggling clubs as they get older as they're used to the size and shape of kids juggling clubs. Our high end stock includes the ever popular Play PX3 juggling clubs and the Henry's Pirouette juggling clubs, both incredibly popular and very well made but if you're looking for a well priced alternative that competes in quality with both of these look no further than the Beard Circus Special clubs. If you're still not sure which clubs will best suit you we love talking and are always on hand to offer personal advice and recommendations.