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Our other section contains a host of cool stuff that doesn’t quite fit in elsewhere! You’ll find everything from mini bikes to balloon modelling, slacklines to stilts and whips to torofluxes! Our balancing props encompass everything from pogo sticks to mini clown bikes and pedal-gos that are ideal for teaching hand eye co-ordination and workshops. Balloon modelling has everything you’ll need to get started and twisting inflatable dogs in no time!

Looking for a slackline? You’ll find an awesome selection here. But what about if I want to slackline while wearing stilts (not recommended!), don’t panic you’ll find our range of stilts here too! “But I want to spin a plate at the same time” we hear you shout! They’re in our other section too, from aluminium plates to workshop packs! You get the idea- there’s a lot of stuff in this section – we’ve broken it down into the below categories to make it easier to navigate for you.