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The term poi refers to both the performance art and the equipment used. Often mistakenly referred to as Pois, the word poi refers to a complete pair of weighted ends attached to handes via rope or chain. Traditionally a Māori pass time the art of poi has developed hugely in recent years and has seen a boom in popularity. It is said that poi were originally used by Māori to help develop wrist flexibility for using weapons such as the mere, patu and kotiate.

Thanks to the internet and people becoming more widely travelled the art of poi has become accepted worldwide. Having developed from basic poi into a range that includes flag poi, sock poi, LED poi, fire poi and contact poi with many variants of each type you'll find everything here at Jac Products.

Poi are great for kids (not the fire poi!) and are not only fun to learn but also help to teach patience and coordination. The basic poi tricks are easy to pick up but the more complex gyroscopic movements, anti spins and isolation moves can prove a welcome challenge for adults too. You'll find someone poi spinning at most major festivals now and they're a great summer toy.