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Our S Staff range is second to none. We've got everything from very small s-staffs to very big s-staffs, from naked s-staffs to fire and LED S-staffs! S-Staffs have recently seen a resurgance in popularity thanks to the success of Buugeng (a brand name of wooden S-staffs). S-Staffs involve the spinning and manipulation of one or more S shaped objects. A close relative of traditional staff spinning the s staff is ideal for creating the visual kaleidoscope illusion. Mastering the S staff does however require an understanding of plane mechanics and a lighter touch so are not ideal for a first staff. 

The first recorded performance using an s staff was during Moschen in Motion (1991). Michael Mopschen a well known juggler (Having worked with Cirque du Soleil and having been the contact juggler behind David Bowies performance in Labrynth).