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Spinning Plates

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A prop that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, the spinning plate is a classic. Spinning plates are great fun but they’re also fantastic for developing a sense of balance and hand eye co-ordination in children. We offer spinning plates in single packs but also in multi packs right up to quantities that are perfect for use in juggling workshops. 

The spinning plates that we stock are of extremely high quality and are all manufactured entirely within Europe. They’re designed to be perfectly balanced and symmetrical and have concave centres that helps the spinning stick to stay in place. There’s two common methods for getting a plate started. The easier but less effective is to balance the stick in the centre of the plate then simply spin the plate around with your hand, whilst this will work it’s not the way to get your plate spinning the quickest! The second technique is to balance your stick on the bottom edge of the plate and rotate your wrist, this will spin the plate. We also stock a beautiful aluminium spinning plate from Beard that is an awesome prop for more established performers.