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Our range of practice staffs, fire staffs (fire staves) and S staffs is always getting bigger! We don't hold back on the quality of our manufacturing and our wick has been proven to burn longer than any other on the market! We use aircraft grade aluminium for our staffs that means they'll never bend from normal use even with some of our larger heavier wicked options. Our contact fire staffs use an even thicker aluminium allowing for a much better build-up of momentum and flow. You can find our huge range of fire staffs with a variety of different sizes and numbers of wicks. We stock 65mm and 100mm wicks with a combination of single, double and triple wick staffs, we also stock a big burner staff that uses 100mm wick but with double the amount used on a conventional fire staff! All of our fire staffs are available with a range of colourful grips to suit your individual style. If you're not a fan of fire or want something to practice with when you're not setting light to things our range of practice staffs are ideal! With the same great weighting as our fire range they're ideal for getting to grips with tricks that are proving challenging.

Our S staffs (also known as Buugeng – although this is technically a brand name) are a great addition to any keen fire spinner's kit. S-Staffs can create unique optical illusions that would never be possible with conventional staffs, if you're looking to branch out or try something new they're ideal.

Our range of LED staffs also offer a great (and safer) alternative to fire! Our range of glow staffs from Light Up and Juggle are manufactured entirely in the US and Canada and offer an incredibly affordable way to spin LEDs whilst not skimping on quality. Alternatively if you're looking to spend a little more our range from Kosmos allow for some amazing stage presence with customization options like nothing else on the market!

We also stock replacement grips, screws and wick along side a range of books and DVDs to help learn and perfect new techniques. We're also always happy to offer advice on finding the right staff for you, just give us a call or drop us a line.